Evans Rideit Peak District tomoz

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So any of you off road muckers braving the heavy rain storms (apparently forecasted) and taking part in the Evans Rideit (MTB ride) in the Peak District tomorrow?

I’ve not entered but was going to register on the morning…not sure now, do most turn up in bad weather even if they have pre-entered? nice to think so but in reality that’s not always the case, I don’t fancy turning up and being practically the only one there.

I’m no fair weather rider (hence asking) if I can ride my horse in high winds and pouring rain then I’ve no issue riding my MTB in pretty crap weather, having said that, I’ll pass on cycling over the hills in the thunder and lightening though.

So I was just getting a few feelers for who in :D


  • only just spotted this.

    Hope you took the plunge and went ,it was a great ride and weather was just a little damp.
    Numbers did seem a little low for this type of event I only saw about 5 other people all the way round the long route.