£1k carbon clinchers....again

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So, another one looking at a nice new set of wheels for about £1k for summer training and racing. Just for a bit about me, I'm a Triathlete with 4 seasons under my belt, currently race at around the half IM level, but looking to take a step up next year to full distance. I live in Denmark so lots of (gusty) wind and rolling hills are the general conditions. I weigh in at about 78kg +/- 2kg.

I'm looking at some carbon clinchers, the current choices I've narrowed it down to are;

Wheelsmith Aero 60 clincher w/Chris King R45 hubs
Reynolds Strike
Profile design 58/Twenty Four

All seem to come in at around the 1650g mark, all are give or take 60mm deep, all are pretty wide (24mm) and through various means they all come in at around the £1000-£1200 mark. I have read some pretty decent reviews of both the profile design, and the Reynolds, and the testimonials from Wheelsmith, but looking to possibly gather some unbiased opinion.

The questions I have are;
1. Any personal experiances with any of these sets? Any comments on quality / reliability / braking performance etc.
2. Would it be preferential to pick up the wheels from my pretty reliable LBS which I can with the Reynolds and Profile Design. Would the pain and cost of shipping to / from UK to Denmark, just be a bit of a pain for the wheelsmiths.

....and no, I'm not looking for tubulars. :D