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Hybrids around £500

daffyavfcdaffyavfc Posts: 237
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I'm looking to get a hybrid for work commutes, 15 mile round trip.
Want your advice and opinions on what is out there as I've seen the following and keen on the cannondale TBH but would prefer a 50/34 chainset as on the Boardman. Plus disc brakes and 28/32 tyres max. ... _66047.htm ... _67831.htm ... _62943.htm ... -bike-2014

over the £500 mark but carbon forks

any thoughts on the above or any others?


  • daffyavfcdaffyavfc Posts: 237
    the raleigh strada 5 and the Orbea are too small framewise unfortunately. I need a medium/Large as I'm 5 11".
    If I'm going to get an all aluminium bike the Eastway FB4.0 is £449 and has a compact chainset.

    I'll keep looking, if I get a boardman reduced then I'd get that. Ebay Boardmans are not that greatly reduced these days and would like to get new if possible.

    I missed a 10% off the boardman hybrid comp this week which would have made it £449 with an online voucher code, bummer.
  • Halfords service .....well wasn't great, average at best, but I got the Boardman Hybrid Team for my commute. Its a lovely machine. Slightly more than you want to pay but I think they are the same frame with slightly diff components, 10 spd, hrd brakes etc. The Boardman has quite a long top tube so its very racy (for me) and I got a medium - it is fine now I am used to it and you can give it some beans and it goes like the wind especially compared to my 19kg old MTB i was commuting on!! Join the British Cycling for £20 and get 10% off your Halfords purchases. Still gives you some reductions.
    Boardman Road Sport (drop bars) one day only today £419.
    Anyway hope this helps, I love mine :-) but each to their own.
  • snowstersnowster Posts: 582
    I have a boardman comp hybrid last year model and have been commuting to work since march and without question its a great bike very reliable and never let me down very fast around town and good on the open road, the only difference with this years bike is the colour scheme so it gets my recommendation.
  • I have the next model up from this.
    A great, very comfortable bike
    And it looks a lot better in real life than on paper. ... e-ec054940
    Waterford RS-14
    Trek Domane 4.5 WSD
    Ridley Noah SL

    A woman can never have too many bikes!
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