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Garmin Edge 510 Experience and Strava.

ara3791ara3791 Posts: 378
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Hi, I'm contemplating upgrading my Garmin edge 200 for a 510 with HRM and cadence sensor.

I've been reading about auto uploading to the Garmin site and then using a 3rd party app / program to sync to strava. Does anyone have any experience of this. What do you use and is it reliable.

Also, any comments on the 510 would be gratefully received before I take the plunge.



  • cookie56cookie56 Posts: 19
    I have an edge 500 with the cadence and HR sensor. Initially I used tapirik to sync garmin connect with strava but then realised that can simply upload directly into both anyway. Seems to work really well and I am pleased with the 500. The breadcrumb trail is sometimes difficult to follow on new courses where the road forks or deviates gently but other than that I've been really pleased with it. I'm sure the 510 will be very similar
  • izzaizza Posts: 1,561
    The ones I have used are Tapiriik, Syncmetrics and Copymysports.

    I would recommend the first one for the initial sync of historical data and although there is a bit of messing about to get ride ID's the latter one is by far the quickest once set up and only syncing your latest ride.
  • I have a 510 and I used to upload my rides to Garmin and then Strava. I don't bother with the Garmin site at all now, it's all too much of a faff. So I just upload direct to Strava then use Veloviewer for more in depth data analysis.
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  • fwgxfwgx Posts: 114
    I have an Edge 200 and a Forerunner 310XT, which is wireless and can no longer directly upload to Strava. I've found that using is the easiest way. I plug in the Edge 200 or turn on the watch, Garmin Express automatically uploads the data to Garmin and then a few minutes later copymysports auto syncs it with Strava.

    I had never heard of veloviewer before, but it's awesome, I love it :D
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