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A bike for the missus

rogerv78rogerv78 Posts: 61
edited August 2014 in Road buying advice
Hi guys just need a bit of advice, have been looking at getting the missus a bike to go out on for a bit of fitness, it doesnt need to be anything special but wanted something half decent.
Not a road bike, was looking at either a mountain bike or to be honest a hybrid would suit her better, budget is about £300-£400, I did want disc brakes and front suspension, I have been looking at the drop crossbar female bikes but didnt know if she really has to have female bike ?
There was a nice carrera in halfords with suspension and disc brakes, but it wasn't very girly colour, as she put it ?
I have looked at quite a few online but have become a bit brain fried, any advice would be greatly welcome !
Thanks in advance !


  • MissybikerMissybiker Posts: 73
    I started cycling 4 weeks ago after stopping at the age of 15 (37 years ago). Had no idea what I wanted thought about a fold up ( probably will got one at some point) but ended up with a great bike. It's a hybrid Giant Expression LX. It's a very comfy ride and am loving wizzing around on it. I went to halfords initially and had a very short ride around their shop floor. Thought about getting a carerra. In the end I went in eBay and found someone selling a woman's bike in my town, she allowed me plenty of time to ride around her road so I felt very comfortable with it. I have heard that trek bikes are good, but for now I must say I am loving my Giant. Went off road for the first time last week and it stood up to the vigour of the ride. paid £190 ( which seems a fair price). Since getting it I am doing 7-9 miles a day ( which I think is brilliant). I'd suggest getting a good second hand one and then you can really see if she is gonna love biking. Worst that will happen is it goes back on eBay or sold at a cycle hub. definitely love my
  • rogerv78rogerv78 Posts: 61
    Yeah good idea about ebay, thanks for the advice, I'm hoping it will get some use as we want to get out with the kids a lot more on our bikes !
  • matt-hmatt-h Posts: 847
    Thats great advice from missyBiker.

    I made the mistake of buying my wife a £750 Specialized Vita 18 moths ago.
    It still looks new as it pretty much is.

    Second hand is the way

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