Coppi mkII

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Managed to find a replacement from a kind chap in the North who had some amusing racing stories from when he were a lad. This is a 58, so a size up from the one which was pinched but a smaller stem and seat a bit lower means no issues.

Only done 2 commutes so far but very pleased, and at half the price of the original! Just on the lookout for a new stem to fit a 1 inch steerer to get it slammed


Note the added security in the background!
Off to Surrey Sat/Sun to put it through its paces


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    Back in the game. Good work.
  • rubertoe
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    Have a look at the nos stems at planet x, they will probably have what you need.
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    I went for a Condor alloy 1" stem for my retro steel bike. Just an option.
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  • cambs
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    Lovely bike. Don't bother with Surrey, get on a flight and take it up the Stelvio as befits the heritage.
  • elbowloh
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    Nice...although your added security would be improved if it was locked to something. :wink:
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  • kevess
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    Looking fine....good to see you back on a recognisable steed.
  • the_fuggler
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    Great news - I love the look of that bike.
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  • Nice bike!
  • The Rookie
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    That steel cable will take about 30 seconds with a hacksaw, you need to D-lock the frame or you are wasting your time.
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  • Anonymous
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    The frame is d locked. The cable is for the front wheel. It's in a gated area so should be ok like that and we have CCTV now.

    Unlocked in the pic as I just got home!