Tyre advice needed...

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Hi guys,

Looking for a new set of tyres for my trek fuel ex6.

Bike came with Bontrager XR3 26 X 2.2 tyres which I don't feel confident with. They are also 3 years old now so have a significant amount of wear. I think as the Trek is American they sell their bikes with a tyre set up for American type trail, thats not neccessarily and good in the UK.

My local trail is Cannock chase but I also ride Coed Y Brenin and Llandegla so I'm after a relitively cheap all round tyre that will cope well with all the above.

Other guys seem to be using 2.35's and my 2.2's seem too narrow, so I'm guessing 2.35's are the way to go?

Also I'm a little confused on the types of compound….there's too much choice! :?


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    what sort of budget we looking at?

    the XR3's are not a bad choice for llandegla - youprobably have the basic wire version rather than the team issue. you could go 2.35 F 2.2 R with the team issue XR3. THe 2.35 is quite a big volume tyre. alteratively you could go for conti trail king front, mountain king rear in black chilli protection guise. tyre choice is hugely personal and terrain made.

    I mostly run a XR4 2.35 team issue front mountain king 2.2 protection rear which suits me from everything bar total hard pack and extreme mud. buying from bike-discount.de is the best bet for conti or schwalbe normally.
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    Maxxis... Ignitor on the front and a crossmark on the rear.