Dartmoor Primal AM hardtail build

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What's up everybody! Been lurking on this forum for some time and figured it was about time I signed up, so I could show of my new build. Getting back on MTB after some years off with only road biking. Can't wait! :)

Being a student the funds are limited. I'm aiming for a good quality build within my budget of about 1200€/950£.

The build will be based around a Dartmoor Primal frame in size 18" (Large). The frame can take both 26 and 27.5 wheels but I'm going to go the 26 way since I got a good deal on a Shimano Deore XT wh-m788 wheelset (on its way).
Drivetrain will be 1x10.

Build list so far:
Frame: Dartmoor Primal 18" (Silver/Black)
Headset: Dartmoor Blink IS42/IS52 (Black)
Fork: RochShox Sektor Gold RL Solo Air 26" 150mm
Wheelset: Shimano Deore XT wh-m788
Chainset: Shimano Zee
RD: Shimano Zee
Rear Shifter: Shimano Zee

I have yet to decide on the rest of the components. Pictures in the next post! :)