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Whyte 629 vs Trek X-Caliber 9

mangetout_rodneymangetout_rodney Posts: 121
edited July 2014 in MTB buying advice
Yes, another this or that thread.

New Mountain Bike purchase is on the cards.
I'm looking at the Whyte 629 (currently preferred choice) and the Trek X-Caliber 9. ... sting=true ... sting=true

I'm going over to test ride them today, which is obviously the most important thing but is there anything that stands out in the spec of either that makes you think 'No way' or even 'Hmmmmm, maybe not?'.

Upper limit of my budget is £800- I'm happy to upgrade things as I go along but I have a trip in a couple of weeks so need to make the decision soon.
Thanks folks.

EDIT: Test ride revealed the Whyte to be a better bike for me- I actually couldn't stop my right calf hitting the frame on the Trek.
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