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mathematicsmathematics Posts: 453
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My cube came with stock Schalbe Lugano tyres - I've been pretty pleased with them pretty good in wet and dry.

My question is as a relatively 'novice' road cyclist (1year) would I notice the difference in buying a different tyre or do I stick with what I know and replace my tyres with like fir like?




  • birdie23birdie23 Posts: 457
    You'll notice differences. You're more likely to worry about grip and puncture protection than speed (at least I do) but in my experience GP4000s tyre are pretty good for all three. Still yet to puncture on them even through the winter.
    2012 Cube Agree GTC
  • smoggystevesmoggysteve Posts: 2,909
    Lugano tyres are some of Schwalbes more cheap and durable tyres and therefore not as fast of grippy as higher end tyres like Ultremo or Conti GP4000. You could get a lighter tyre and find it a lot more comfortable and faster but they will wear quicker and will be more prone to puncture. I would recommend going up to something like Schwalbe Durano or a Continental Gatorskin. They will be an improvement over what you have without breaking the bank. There is no real need to go getting the top expensive tyres unless you really want to ride competitively as they will wear too quick.
  • holiverholiver Posts: 729
    I'm posting this all over the place at the moment, but the 25mm Pro4 tyres that replaced the 23mm Gator Hardskin upon my Kinesis are vastly more comfortable.

    I can't comment on longevity or protection yet as I have only about 200km on them so far, but they are a noticeable upgrade.
  • caedevcaedev Posts: 81
    I'd second 25mm Pro4 Service Course. I've been running these for a while now and have yet to puncture them. As mentioned above they are noticeably more comfortable and in my experience in no way slower than any of the 23mm tyres I've used over the years.
  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,809
    I'm on Pro4 Endurance 23mm and like them. Previously I had the Mavic Yksion front and back. The Pro4 are eesily as good and a lot cheaper.
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