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Seat Post problem on vintage Bridgestone road bike!!

elifreedmanelifreedman Posts: 2
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Greetings all,

Yesterday I purchased an old bridgestone road bike frame, hoping to convert it into a comfortable single-speed for city riding.

Upon examining it, it looked like the seat post was adjustable with a simple bolt-- photo2.png unfortunately, when I loosened the bolt, you can see that it has nothing to do with holding the seat post in place (if you cannot tell by the picture, trust me on this one!)

At the point of contact between the seat post and seat tube, there is nothing attaching the seat post-- it looks almost like an extension of the seat tube.photo3-1.jpg

The other end of the seat tube looks like this some kind of hexagon thread less than 1": photo1-1.png

The bicycle itself is an old bridgestone photo4-1.png with a odd kind of stem quill that says "win japan 22.2" photo5.png that A. confirms the bike was made in Tokyo and B. looks like the exact same kind of part as 4559307618_08fc00df57_b.jpg what is described as the missing part in a related post viewtopic.php?p=14985036 .

I am not sure how to proceed-- I figure that I have several options:

1. there is somehow a way of attaching a saddle to the top of my seat post (which may be too high but at least I have a complete bike)

2. I can redo the fork/headset and use the weird part from the front as my seat post and replace the fork or

3. cry :(

Thanks in advance for any advice!


  • sungodsungod Posts: 12,199
    edited July 2014
    old-style saddle clamp should fit, there are different makes/types, for instance... ... ch-(222-mm)-for-single-rail-byb101-prod25446

    how about...

    perhaps the post once had a simple band clamp that sat immediately above the top of the seat tube? over time the post rusted into place and one day the clamp fell off, as the post didn't slip the clamp was not replaced
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  • team47bteam47b Posts: 6,424
    You could make a new quill seat post, as you seem to have plenty of seat post to work with, like this...

    You can buy adapters for your quill stem to change the top diameter.

    You could join retrobike forum, there are others there with Bridgestone bikes, but try not to tell them you are making a single speed out of it :D
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  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,286

    'nother Bridgestone with discussion / pics of quill seatpost

    Incl photos showing that said bolt is to mount the cable stop for the rear centre pull brake, and as you say, nothing to do with clamping the seatpost
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