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T_Pro_s2 v Sportful BF Pro Classic v Etxeondo Orhi


  • TjgoodhewTjgoodhew Posts: 628
    I bought the Assos ones about a month ago and they are by far and away the most comfortable pair of shorts i have used.

    No experience of the other two but i was extremely pleased with the Assos shorts and would highly recommend
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  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    The Assos have the excellent S2 insert, and not the S5 or S7 as in today's Assos range, but to me and so many other people, the S2 pad is excellent. Thoroughly recommended. I don't know much about the Exteondo or Sportful shorts.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Same here; bought the Assos about 6 weeks ago. Comfiest bibs so far.
  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,810
    The Etxeondo are comfy. I've only done 50 miles in mine so far but more than happy.

    Cheaper from Merlin if they have your size and you can live with neon yellow gripper.
  • gabriel959gabriel959 Posts: 4,227
    I have both the Etxeondo and the Assos, I have worn the Assos repeatedly and they are really excellent shorts.

    I am yet to try the Etxeondo's as I have been away. I am planning on riding the Exteondo's in a couple of big rides next week. Please bear in mind that I paid £75 as opposed to £105 for my pair though. If you do not mind waiting for a couple of weeks I can give you a ride comparison. If you do want to buy them now I can only give you advice on how they compare off the bike, I would say they are similar, the pad is really good in both of them, they are both custom Cytech pads, the materials used are probably more compression like on the Assos that on the Etxeondo, both providing excellent support but the material on the Etxeondo's feel a bit more upmarket. The braces are softer and nicer on the Etxeondo's but both are comfortable. The styling is a bit more subtle with the Assos (got the Orhi's in Black and White) but they are all decent bits of kit.
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  • MattC59MattC59 Posts: 5,408
    I have the Etxeondos and they've become my favourite bibs. If all of my bibs are clean, it's the Etxeondos that get pulled out of the drawer. I recently completed the Medio (96 mile) Dragon Ride in them and suffered no discomfort at all. The pad is excellent and the fit is excellent. They're well made and the straps are broad, soft and comfortable. I can highly recommend them. I also have a pair of Assos Mille bibs, and to be honest, they're not as comfortable, the pad is somewhat nappy like. I also have some Craft Elite, these are also very good even at the distances you mention, but at about 5years old have been resigned to Turbo use only :oops: Actually, I find Turbo use a good measure of pad quality, as you're not shifting around in the saddle so much.
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  • gabriel959gabriel959 Posts: 4,227
    I have now used them both and can recommend the Etxeondo's, they are as good as the Assos with the advantage that the material of the Orhi's feels better against the skin thatn the T_Pro S2s.
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  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 11,432
    I ordered Orhi's from Merlin, S5's from CRC, and S7's from Wiggle.

    So no direct comparison with the S2 you are/were considering, but my findings are below anyway.

    Incidentally, I needed a small in Assos, and a medium in Etxeondo - I am 70kg, 5ft 10, 34" inseam, 33" waist.

    So I could see the quality in the Assos bibs, especially the S5's, but I preferred the look, feel and fit of the Orhi's - it just fitted me really well, and a ride out in them proved them to be super comfortable, absolutely no bum ache at all on a 50 mile ride.
    The S7 bibs were a much lighter material, and much lowercut - fine if you are a racing snake, but if you are not it was far from flattering, and didn't seem very supportive.

    I liked the Orhi's so much I ended up buying 4 pairs - Merlin have a TOUR10 code, meaning you can get 2 pairs for £140, which is incredible value when you think about it, and see the quality.

    Since then I have gone a bit Etxeondo mad and bought a pair of bib tights, 4 pairs of bib shorts for my gf, 2 pairs of overshoes, 4 pairs of socks, 2 jerseys for me, 2 jerseys for my brother, one for his gf, and 2 bib shorts for my brother as well - Merlin have done very well out of me!
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  • matt-hmatt-h Posts: 847
    Well i ordered all 3 and sent the Sportful back.
    Couldnt decide between the S2 and the Ohri.

    THe Ohri straps felt nice and the leg grippers were tighter but i liked that i didn't notice the pad in the assos which must be a good thing

    Did 75 miles in the S2 sunday and were great, even if the grippers did ride up a smidge. They've been through a wash cycle so will prob be a little tighter now.

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