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Ribble Winter Training bike for commuting

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My Cinelli Experience has just been stolen and I need a new bike pronto.
I would like a bike for different things - commuting 20 miles a day, club runs, long sportives. I am considering getting a carbon bike in the future for summer club runs etc. The bike I'm getting now needs to be strong, reliable, not heavy and not too much of a draw for the light fingered.
I'm figuring the Ribble winter trainer fits the bill but would like suggestions for other serious contenders.


  • NairnsterNairnster Posts: 602
    Dolan Prefissio, now with new geometry
  • RyanBRyanB Posts: 116
    Coming into my fourth winter of using my Ribble as a winter trainer / commuting bike, and it hasn't missed a beat yet. Sure its not anything fancy, but as another poster here once described it, its the AK47 of the UK cycling scene:

    A simple, ubiqutous design that hasn't needed changed in years and, in the wrong hands, deadly.
  • herzogherzog Posts: 197
    RyanB wrote:
    ...A simple, ubiqutous design that hasn't needed changed in years and, in the wrong hands, deadly.

  • holiverholiver Posts: 729
    Would you be able to get 25mm tyres under mudguards when fitted to the Ribble or Dolan?

    I know my bike is fantastically more comfortable with 25mm Michelin Pro4 tyres compard to 23mm Continental Gator Hardskin. The stock Kinesis T2 build could be worth a look.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    I think the Ribble takes normal drop brakes, so I assume that means there's not enough clearance for 25mm tyres plus guards. That's the very reason I went for the Kinesis racelight Tk 7 years ago. The T2 is a good shout. Or a Tifosi CK something or other.
  • super_davosuper_davo Posts: 1,094
    I use my Ribble for exactly what the OP wants it for i.e. Commuting, Club runs etc and it does it perfectly. Importantly without looking too bling so I don't mind locking it up at work.
    Had it for 4 years, must have covered 20,000 commuting miles alone in that time and still going strong.
    I use mine with 25s, clearance is OK but I've replaced the stock Zefal guards with SKS, which seems to give more room and stop rattling.
    Definitely one of the best buys I've made.
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