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Rear Chris King disk alignment

bigdrew1bigdrew1 Posts: 353
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Hi all,

This is possibly a bit of a tricky question / long shot but I'll give it a go!

Just brought a second hand pair of wheels with Chris King hubs.

Hubs are ISO models with fixed disk mount and running HD axles + fun bolts.

The hub places the disk out of the range that the calliper can be adjusted by. It is easily bodgeable spacing either the caliper or the disk with washers.. but I'd rather fix it properly if there is a way.

It looks to be about 1mm out. From the end face of the axle to the face where the disk sits is ~16mm on the King.

Is there any adjustment in the hubs for this? Ie can I move the hub shell further along the axle..

It is definitely the hub that is wrong. I've checked with other hubs and they are all ok. the rotor has also been run before no problems (SLX with ally carrier)


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    have you checked the wheel dishing? Does the rim sit central?
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Both hubs?

    What fork? What frame?

    At a guess the hub(s) have not been assemble PC correctly.

    Many have different spacers each side....

    Download the service info of CKs website.
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  • bigdrew1bigdrew1 Posts: 353
    Front hub + fork is fine and sits in the middle of the adjustment this is for rear only.

    Orange five frame with IS mount, and calliper is SLX post mount. I've taken the axle out and it sits on and clicks into the bearings how it should. I will need the (expensive) king tool to delve any further but I suspect there is something amiss inside..

    Shimming the adaptor out is a option but I'm guessing I shouldn't have to with Post mount calliper?..

    I'll have a look at the stuff on kings site.

    Do you happen to know the standard spacing between the face for the disk and the end of the axle. I think it use to be in the brake mount F.A.Q but the links are dead..
  • bigdrew1bigdrew1 Posts: 353
    Rim appears to be dished correctly.. This should be independent of the rim position though?
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    No,an error on the axle into the hub will show in the dishing if you measure it moves the whole of the rest of the wheel relative to the axle.

    Nothing wrong with spacing IS to PM adaptors, though it won't fix route cause.
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  • bigdrew1bigdrew1 Posts: 353
    I've spaced the adaptor over by about 0.50 / 0.7mm and it is running fine. Hub has no play and the free hub runs smooth so I wont go poking round any more till it needs a service.

    Thanks for the help.
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