What's best option for a fixed wheel with hollow axle?

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My (Genesis) fixed bike came with a rear wheel with a hollow axle. Unfortunately the axle cannot be repalced.

It came with two compression bolts that are tightened by an allen key. They were not up to the job. They slipped and when I tried to increase the tightness one snapped where the head meets the thread.

I then tried these:


Again, not up to the job. Snapped when being tightened and I don't think they were even that tight.

Are there any better, stronger options around? Annoying if I have to bin a perfecetly usable wheel.


  • Daz555
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    Replace the hub?
    You only need two tools: WD40 and Duck Tape.
    If it doesn't move and should, use the WD40.
    If it shouldn't move and does, use the tape.
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    Unfortunately that is beyond my skillset plus not many hubs of this type available (135mm)
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    Old school internal cam QR with a chain tug?
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    yeah - would have thought a chain tug is the answer - then you wouldn't need to get the bolt so tight. I ride a SS conversion (vertical drop outs, chain tensioner) and I use pit lock skewers that never get that tight. Now obviously I have a different way of tensioning the chain but a chain tug should sort that problem
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    I think that Planet X do a chain tug designed for use with quick release hubs.
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    Have two sets of Halos, never snapped one, it's only thin steel though, so moosing it with a ratchet will snap it, no QR will be any stronger.
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    I snapped the Halo skewer just with a cheap multi-tool. Don't think I was using that much force.

    I've salvaged a 2010 vintage Deore QR from my old MTB. Will see how it goes. Fortunately I'm close to the inside of the drop outs so nothing too disastrous should happen. Chain tugs in place but never that confident in them given their size.
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    What is the hub?
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    Genesis flip flop that came with the bike. Its 135mm for 52mm chainline. Think surly is the only company that makes fixed hubs in that width