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Giant Revel 3 - Trek 3500 Disc - GT Agressor 3.0

melbstermelbster Posts: 2
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Afternoon all,

So as a 43yr old who spends all day in an office i'm desperate to get out and enjoy the great outdoors again and after a great weekend of trail/track riding on a borrowed well worn 'Giant' i'm ready to take the plunge. The aches and pains i'm feeling also proves how unfit i've let myself get as its been almost 20 years since i last owned a bike.

Ok enough rambling....Ive got a budget of £350 which is as much as i want to spend on a first bike and would be looking to upgrade at a later date if i get hooked. Ive narrowed the choice down to the above 3 models and i'm looking for your views/opinions on which one would be the preffered choice / value for money, or is there not really that much difference at this price level.

Also any alternative sugestions would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance :D


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Difficult to say without links, but 99% sure, none of those.
    You're paying for brand.

    Look at Halfords or Decathlon.

    Plenty of similar threads on here - under Buying Advice.
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