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Rear deraileur

veterangazveterangaz Posts: 93
edited July 2014 in Workshop
Hi, Was trying to adjust the rear deraileur and have made it worse! When on the big front ring and small cog at rear to go fastest it was rubbing the chain. By trying to fix it I undid the cable and now it will not pull through enough to be clamped back in as seen in picture hopefully. Any tips?!!

Sorry couldnt work out how to upload pictures on here so you may have to zoom in if you can.


  • sungodsungod Posts: 12,182
    make sure the shifter is set to the lowest tension position (pull on the cable while shifting until it's loose as possible)

    if it's still not enough, you may be able to lift the cable outer out of one of the stops (on some frames the cable stops are slotted to allow this), that'll give plenty of slack
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