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Trek Madone 5.9 or Cervelo S3?

migs74migs74 Posts: 2
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Hello guys,

I have been in MTB for a long interrupted time. I am switching to road because of health issues and I want a long time bike. I have two MTB and I am selling them to pay for the road one.

I live in Colombia where we have dealer of all important brands but mostly all bikes are bought by catalog because the local shops have little in stock, except trek where at this time they have a Madone 5.9 with dura ace in beautiful black matte at a discounted price of us 4.000 and a Madone 5.2 with ultegra about Us3.000.

During my search I have been reading a lot about the Cervelo S3 and they have a distributor here but they only bring the bike to the country after the purchase, so there is no chance to fit and test the bike but if the bike is worth it I take the risk. It is about US4.500.

As the most popular brands here are trek, specialized and giant, no one can give me reference about the Cervelo so if any of you does know something about it and the Madone 5.9 opinions are welcome.


  • bikes`n`gunsbikes`n`guns Posts: 959
    Read my opinion on the Domane a few threads down.
    Trek,,,, too cool for school ,, apparently
  • gavt0333gavt0333 Posts: 95
    My next bike will probably be an S3. From what I have read, the aero advantages for the average rider outweight weight advantages until something silly like an 8% gradient. The S3 seems to have more rider-friendly characteristics and some of the pro's have been choosing it over the S5 for this reason. Still very aero but a better all-rounder.
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