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looking for a new bike

fish77fish77 Posts: 2
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i currently have an old claude butler mtb and over the years have spent a fortune replacing more or less everything on it baring the frame, anyway last year i was hit by a car that pulled out of a junction as i was passing and have just settled my claim so am looking for a new bike, got a budget of around £700-800

i'm not really sure what to go for so am looking for a bit of advice, i do a mix of road and off road riding, the off road is nothing demanding (trans pennine trail between doncaster and barnsley for anyone who knows it) and am leaning towards a 29er, my main priority is reliability as i use my bike for getting to work and general running about all year round so want something that's not going to fall to bits after a few months especially once the weather gets bad

i like the look of the voodoo bizango but am put off by halfords (not seen them for sale anywhere else apart from 2nd hand on ebay) the mechanic at my local halfords did some shoddy repair work on my current bike after the accident and i've heard a few other bad things from people who've used the same store so don't really want to deal with them, though the price would leave me with spare cash so i could afford to take it somewhere else to have it properly set up, while the reviews are very good i was wondering if anybody has got one and had any problems after constant use?

any other recommendations within my budget?


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