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Sensa Toscana Special Posts: 44
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I'm looking to buy a Road bike through Cycle to work. I've seen this one on Merlin's website and it looks like a good deal. I've not ridden a road bike since I was 15 but that was just a cheap Raleigh racer. I'm a mountain biker naturally but want a road bike to try and build up my speed, fitness and stamina. Plus since moving from Midlands to Wales all my friends are road cyclists.
Anyone got any info on it?
Would it be a good starter bike for me?
Where would be the best place around Cardiff to get a fitting done before I make a decision?


  • Greg-46aGreg-46a Posts: 24
    Can't comment on the Toscana, but I have a Sensa Trentino (aluminium frame) which is a great bike.
    Not sure about fitting, but when I bought my bike Merlin were very helpful when I was querying what frame size would be suitable, wouldn't hurt to give them a call/send an email.
  • Posts: 44
    Thanks Greg. I looked at the Trentino Sl with Utterance. Not really got much of an idea on road groups. I like both of them. But the last Ali bike I rode (that wasn't Fs) was a 1996 Gt Zaskar. I'm used to Carbon now which was what swayed my choice ;-)
  • Greg-46aGreg-46a Posts: 24
    I had the same groupset on my first Trentino, works perfectly fine, no problems. Sadly the bike got written off by an idiot car driver, so my replacement Trention has full Ultegra because I could afford a bit of an upgrade with the insurance cash.
    My next upgrade (hopefully not driver assisted) will be a carbon frame, so the Toscana will definitely be an option. Whatever you choose, hope you enjoy it! 8)
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