12-28 or do I go to 30?

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Just ordered my new bike but has 25 low gear which I know won't get me up hills. The short cage will go up to 30 but I see I can get 28 also. What would everyone recommend I get or is there not much difference. Compact on front for info


  • dnwhite88
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    Impossible to know without knowing what terrain you are riding in or how strong a rider you are. If you think you need as much help as you can get on a climb but aren't worried about how quickly you go, get the 30
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  • imposter2.0
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    As above. Although, if you're that concerned about climbing, get a triple.
  • stueys
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    As long as you aren't too heavy I wouldnt go lower than a 28
  • Just getting back into cycling. 14.5 stone. Just need assistance in case I end up at the bottom of something steeper than usual.
  • markhewitt1978
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    For for the 30 initially. You can always change later.
  • Miles253
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    Spinning is better for the knees! why not a 30!
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  • johngti
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    I've just fitted an ultegra 12-30 cassette just to give myself the peace of mind knowing that I can bail out and spin up anything. I'll never race, it's all just for fun so ultimately having a little extra confidence suits me.
  • slowbike
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    Cassettes are consumables - go for a 30-12 now and by the time next summer comes around you'll be replacing and can then make a more informed decision about a 28-11 or even a 27-12.
    If you find you're not using the 30 much then find some hillier routes ... ;)