Bib shorts and pad thickness!

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I recently bought some exteondo bib shorts based on reviews and as we know they are a personal thing and I don't get on with them at all. Whenever I wear them even with chamois cream I get a sore patch in the crease. I'm riding a century soon and was looking at the btwin 900 shorts but read a review saying the thick pad but would be annoying for longer rides! I would of thought that would be better? Please help


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    If your saddle fits you it will support your sit bones, which are designed to take your weight. If you put a thick chamois on then your entire undercarriage will have pressure on it rather than just the sit bones which will get more uncomfortable over time. Castelli bibs are my favorite, great chamois with no seams to cause problems
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  • Ahhhhhh that's why! Castelli don't fit my rotundness well enough