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What to do......

djwcdjwc Posts: 39
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I got into road cycling this time last year, and got myself an Orbea Aqua t23 with shimano 2300 gears on it.

I like it, it's a good fit but the gears are doing my head in! I hate having thumb shifters to shift up which I can't use if I'm in the drops and seem to be forever changing hand position in order to do so if I'm pushing hard on a downhill / flat.

I suppose my question is this......

Should I get a new groupset, something like a shimano 105 triple (I sometimes struggle on big hills like ditchling beacon as I'm too heavy for my size!), or should I get a new bike with a triple crank on it and keep my Orbea for winter rides / jotting around. What do people think of Ribble stuff - I've been on the website and they look good but I've no experience with them!


  • As always, it depends. Do you really need a "winter bike"? I mean, will your new bike be a carbon fibber frame worthy of being protected during the winter? Because if you are going to buy another aluminium bike my guess is that you'll never use the Orbea again.
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