Broken Garmin screen :(

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Fell off and damaged my Garmin 800 screen. Unit still powers on and off and I managed to retrieve the data file of the ride onto my computer however the screen is completely blank.

Very frustrated as it doesn't seem to have touched the ground - the screen isn't scratched or scraped or anything :(

Can anyone recommend anywhere I can get it repaired or do I have to fork out for a new one? Thanks
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  • asprilla
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    Send it off you Garmin. They charge a standard fee (£100+vat for my 310xt broken screen) and they send you a reconditioned one back. You usually have a unit back with you within 72 hours.
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    £75 iirc ...

    If you backup the Garmin folder from your current unit and copy across to the new unit, most of your settings will be preserved.

    When sending back you send just the unit - no cables or more importantly - no card ... keep that for the replacement unit.
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    Personally, I'd try taking it to pieces and putting it back together again. If it is one piece and has just been knocked, it's possible the connections to the display have become unseated, and just reseating things would make it work again. Certainly worked for me before on other devices.

    This video shows how to replace the battery, so I'd follow this, see if you can see around the screen connections, and put it back together and see if it works.

    If it doesn't work you're no worse off, and can send it away for repair. (Assuming you're out of warranty anyway)
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    Cheers - dropped and knackered mine, too.
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    I hope mine is ok when I get home... bad luck though guys.
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