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Pedal advice please

KingCustardKingCustard Posts: 49
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Long time no post, but I know this is the best place to come for advice so here goes.

I've not cycled for a few years as it's easier for me to get out running - & in truth I find trail running more enjoyable & easier to find decent routes without the threat of getting run over!

However, I've always had weak ankles due to dropped arches & have torn ligaments on more than one occasion. This problem has now resulted in weak knee joints which I'm going to have new orthotics made for to hopefully alleviate the problem. My physio has suggested I can get out on the bike in order to keep my fitness up until I can get back to a decent level of running again.

I've got a Giant Anyroad just for general pootling about, I only really run & cycle for fitness & to lose/keep weight down - and enjoy the flexibility that a cross bike give me. Now, I have swapped my Crank Brothers eggbeaters from my old road bike to the Anyroad but even on the loosest float setting I find it hard to unclip comfortably & without pain due to the weakness in my ankles when twisting.

Given that I'm only cycling on my own & not interested in racing, I'm thinking of getting some toe clips (horror!) as a compromise.

Can any of you recommend a decent pedals/clips combination, & also are there any shoes that are best for use without clipless pedals? I've got some Shimano MTB/touring shoes, will these be ok to use or should I ebay them?

Sorry for the longish post, I know people will say I should persevere with clipless & I'm an advocate of clipless but it's just no longer an option for me.

Thanks in advance!


  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    I don't really have an answer but I'd say two things:

    a) try some decent new Shimano SPDs (520s or 540s) on their loosest setting, rather than the CBs which are, frankly, rubbish IME.

    b) or maybe some decent flat pedals, such as Wellgo MG1s, which are light and grippy
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  • what about a pair of shimano 324 You can use them with or without cycling shoes.
    Shiman 530 - - are another solid dual-service choice.
  • lawrenceslawrences Posts: 1,011
    He doesn't want clipless pedals guys.
  • lawrences wrote:
    He doesn't want clipless pedals guys.

    since when has that been relevant? :wink:

    But seriously, I know what they mean cos I couldn't imagine having ankles so weak that I couldn't clip out of a pair of loosely set up SPDs (surely that means it's difficult to walk?) - maybe the OP has just been used to a v stiff arrangement, whatever these Crank Bros are...?
  • mcnultycopmcnultycop Posts: 2,143
    I'd run mountain bike flats (Exotic/Carbon cycles or Superstar Nano, whoever is cheapest) and some MTB flat shoes (or just stiff skate shoes). I have two pairs of Teva Links, you get them really cheap in some sizes now as they are discontinued.
  • Decided to go right back to basics & got some Look Keo Easy pedals. So far so good, easier to get out of than the SPD's I had. Thanks for the advice, glad to be able to stick with clipless, it's so much easier. Well, the cycling is - walking in them is a PITA!
  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    Nukeproof electrons would probably suit you they are lightweight MTB platform pedals and not that expensive. I use them on my road bike as they have a large platform and are very grippy.
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