The Sunday non-funday thread

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Morning fools,

The weather seems to have taken a turn for the better, so naturally I'll be working.

Don't play too hard whilst I'm gone yeah?



  • rgliniany
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    fire alarm went off in the building at 2am this morning..... took an utter age to get back in so am tired.... so the only sensible thing to do now is drink beer and watch movies.

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  • bg13
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    moaning ladies,

    had a pleasant evening getting H'd but a very warm house plus hangover means sleep has been rubbish!

    Bacons and trivia today.
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    Morning batty boyz.

    Today will mainly be spent in the garden watching the planes at the Farnborough air show 8)
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  • Stevo_666
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    Morning Tards,

    Bit of a cripple today as I've pulled a muscle in my back so good excuse to get off jobs, not that it's stopped the ball n chain from trying...Don't plan to do too much today as CBA. Might do a bit of research about where we're off on holiday if I get really bored.
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  • contented
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    All quiet here, all alone. Trying to break my poo record so i am holding one in, even though the urge to visit the bog is almost overwhelming. Typical Sunday all in all.
  • veronese68
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    Morning folks.
    Dropped the kids off at my folks as they are taking them up to town, then did some work on the Mini. Got stuck when I realised the adaptor wasn't with the torque wrench.
    Now home to the sound of lots of banging and clattering from the guys working next door. When I had words with the slug that bought the place yesterday the lying turd told me they wouldn't be doing anything noisy today. It sounds like they may be taking out a chimney breast. If they are I may well have to have words as he would need a party wall agreement. All the man has done so far is lie to us, not impressed.
    Think I'll have to take the EPO out for lunch.