Cycling computer with cadence and heart rate

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Hi all.

I am rather new to the mountain bike thing. Got a cube acide 29r 12 months ago and haven't made much use of it till now.

As I want to exercise a bit so that I can lose a bit of weight "15st" ouch, I want to really make use of the bike and have a good go at it.

I'm on the process to getting mountain shows and clip pedals and some more gear.

One thing I was thinking was a cycling computer.

One with cadence and heart rate, and calorie count.

Anyone out there, what would advise nothing too fancy "expensive" as budget is £150.00 tops.

Many thanks in advance.



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    I have no recommendations but there must be at least a 100 different brands, makes, and models of this kind of thing out there. My advice. Don't buy the cheapest one you can find. For the money you're willing to spend you should be able to get a decent and reputable piece of equipment.
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    Garmin 500 for that price but the performance budle will top that up to around £200.

    IMO unless you're doing a lot of road or fire road based riding then the cadence sensor is pointless. So, buy the 500 for the £150 and get a HRM for around £20 second hand. Just wash the strap before you use it.
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  • Some of the cycling computers I've seen haven't been that expensive online. I've been looking at some in stores but I found majority of them are cheaper to purchase online.
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    You may just be able to stretch to a re-manufactured Edge 800 (google hantec) on your budget.

    Its worth the extra as you can download free open source maps with all the local trails in your area included.

    Exercise is the hardest way to drop weight. You need a combination of less in as well as more out.