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Giant Defy composite 2014 best price on cycle to work scheme

damo1ukdamo1uk Posts: 7
edited August 2014 in Road buying advice
Hi Everyone,

Well my employer has finally brought back the cycle to work scheme! So time to climb off my 25 year old Peugeot 14 speed and treat myself.

I've pretty much settled on the Giant Defy composite 2014 model. One of my local dealers in the North Wales area has offered to knock 20% off the £1600 list price after he goes to the bike show on 18th August and orders his 2015 stock. That would bring it in at £1280, so £1000 with the voucher, then £280 in cash.

Does anyone know of any cheaper or better deals about or retailers who do bigger discounts on 'last year's' models?

Many thanks,



  • Phil_DPhil_D Posts: 467
    is that allowed?
  • damo1ukdamo1uk Posts: 7
    Is what allowed? Paying cash extra? I've no idea but haven't seen that it isn't on the sign up page for the voucher.
  • cattytowncattytown Posts: 647
    Depends upon the specific rules. The scheme at our place buy-up is explicitly prohibited.

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  • DoonyDoony Posts: 46
    I don't think you can add extra cash under government rules, our scheme is strictly forbidden from doing so..even by £1
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  • handfulhandful Posts: 920
    My company allow overspending on both Cyclescheme and Evans version. I know Halfords won't allow it on their scheme because our company scheme used to be with them. Just about to buy my 4th bike on the scheme, well, in October anyway because we can now only buy a bike every 3 years when it used to be every year.
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  • damo1ukdamo1uk Posts: 7
    Ok so now the goalposts have moved. It's the 'halfords cycle to work scheme'. Seemingly you can order one of their bikes I.e.Boardman, or if it's not one of their available sourced brands they can order it in from a dealer. Giant isn't one of their brands so don'tt think I'll be able to get the deal I was after. Has anyone else got experience with the halfords scheme?
  • cogidubnuscogidubnus Posts: 860
    You can't top up at all with halfords scheme. You can get other brands but from memory the rrp of the bike can't be over the £1000 mark.
  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,809
    Halford vouchers are also accepted by other shops some of whom MAY allow you to tp up despite it not being allowed. Once you have your voucher your employer, generally, has no interest in what you do.
  • cogidubnuscogidubnus Posts: 860
    It will depend if Halfords order a bike in for your or let you collect it from a local independent. If it is the latter you may be able to top up
  • alex222alex222 Posts: 598
    HMRC now allow you to top up above the £1k
  • cogidubnuscogidubnus Posts: 860
    Since when?
  • deimosjohnnydeimosjohnny Posts: 135
    So long as your employer is ok with it you can top up that value.
    However in order to keep within the rules no matter the amount you top up the bike is still the property of the employer until termination of the hire agreement.

    If your employer has a credit licence they may choose to increase the amount within terms of that licence.

    So if check with your employer if they will allow the top up, if not you need to find a friendly bike shop.
  • cattytowncattytown Posts: 647
    A point to ponder on top ups. What happens if you leave employment early? I would *really* want to know that before putting some money of mine into something that my employer could ask to be returned.
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  • cogidubnuscogidubnus Posts: 860
    Usually the employer takes all remaining monies outstanding in your final pay check
  • anthdcianthdci Posts: 543
    Is it not worth holding off for the 2015 models are quite different, mostly in the fact they run disk brakes. I full expect my next bike to be on of them.
  • damo1ukdamo1uk Posts: 7
    Have found helpful lbs who take halfords cycle scheme vouchers, but will only do them on full rrp as they loose out on the full value of the voucher, but they will allow you to over spend. Think I of holding off for the giant defy advanced 2 2015 composite.but don't know when they will be able to order one and if the voucher will run out of date.
  • damo1ukdamo1uk Posts: 7
    How can the full 2015 range be on sale on giant US website yet giant UK can't tell me which models we'll get in the UK or when they'll be available? Disappointed.
  • izzaizza Posts: 1,561
    Because dealers are only being told at the end of August/beginning of September
  • damo1ukdamo1uk Posts: 7
    Doesn't explain why UK is months behind US. And why would they have different models here to US? Giant must have decided what we are getting and when in UK as they must be manufacturing stock by now so why not share the info to generate interest?
  • cattytowncattytown Posts: 647
    Smaller market than the US?
    Giant Defy 2
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