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Help with a new bike, please

m.c.brooks88m.c.brooks88 Posts: 2
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Hi Guys,

I was hoping for some advice on a first bike. I had set my heart on Boardman CX Comp but I missed the Cycle 2 work scheme and Halfords don't do finance deals. I couldn't afford the £550 for a bike then the added extras in one go. I was wondering if people could point towards some general makes which would be of similar spec or a bit better. The bike wouldn't be used for racing, it'd mainly be used for commuting 8 mile round trip, but on days where I finish late I'd obviously take it further. The bike would also be used as a fitness tool to overcome the monotony of running.

I'm based in Dundee, but will be around Ormskirk this weekend so could pop to Liverpool, Formby, Wigan etc.

Any help on a bike would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,



  • mikpemmikpem Posts: 139
    I don't know what the actual shop would be like as I ordered mine online through my works C2W scheme but Winstanley bikes is based in Wigan and always has some decent deals, they also do 12 months 0%. I particularly like the look of the Whyte Kings Cross which is a similar spec to the Boardman and a bit lighter but they only seem to have it in 55cm.
  • simonjsimonj Posts: 346
    Paul's cycles doing 30/33% off 2013 Caadx's and doing 6 months interest free too.
  • steve1556steve1556 Posts: 23
    When i was looking for CX bikes, I looked at that Boardmans bike and it looked quite nice. In the end, I settled for an Eastway CX 2.0 which is on sale for £150 more but is much higher spec then the Boardmans. I ordered mine from and like you, their shops are miles away from me so i haven't test ridden one yet (hoping that's not a mistake I regret), but they do offer finance deals on the bikes.
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