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Tell me about TT saddles / setup

crakercraker Posts: 2,060
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Now I've got clip-on tribars on my road bike I'm just getting used to being in such a low tuck. I've removed all the spacers under the stem and I'm happy enough with that. I've moved the saddle forward and tipped the nose down slightly but due to man issues find myself squirming around rather.

The saddles a longish nosed one that I bought off here (I think it was taken off a new bike), I'm hoping to be able to get a saddle position that's suitable for both tt's and longer rides.

Had a quick look on the web at TT specific saddles ££££ and they look a bit odd. I can't justify spending silly cash on another saddle (quite what that means is anyone's guess).

So, new saddle, spend more time adjusting an inappropriate one?



  • daxplusplusdaxplusplus Posts: 631
    They are more comfortable but remember that's just my experience .. but yeah crazy money. Could try for second hand .. that's what I did.
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  • IrishMacIrishMac Posts: 328
    get a second hand tt saddle and a cheap seatpost to attach it to, insert to bike, set up a good tt positon.
    Have your current seatpost/saddle (maybe an opportunity to upgrade seatpost?) set up for road riding.

    Use electrical tape to mark your saddle height on each or use one of these:

    Then you can just swap the seatpost/saddle for the appropriate occassion, if you have to swap enough, you could get a seat post clamp with a quick release on it :D
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