Specialized Tarmac SL4 - Bottom Bracket

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I am thinking of buying a basic entry level Tarmac SL4 in the Specialized Concept Store sale. This bike comes with an OS integrated sealed bearing bottom bracket and an FSA Gossamer crankset.

I want to then remove all the groupset and fit it out with 11speed Ultegra, ( again bought in sales !)

If I remove the FSA Gossamer crankset will the Shimano Ultegra crankset be a direct replacement or will I have to replace the bottom bracket bearings ?

Any help would be most appreciated


  • gaddster
    gaddster Posts: 401
    The SL4 has OSBB and uses BB30 cranks as I understand it so you'd need one of these or similar to install Shimano cranks that use a hollowtech II BB

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