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Hi Guys and Girls,

I've recently inherited a bike from my brother in law, and was looking for some info on it - mostly year, spec, opinions on the bike, and options in terms of upgrading parts and where I should start.

I was also wondering about bike sizing and just how important it is, or what the result will be from using the wrong size frame, this GT being an "XL" size and me being only 5"8 :?:


Thanks in advance! :D


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    It does seem it might be too big - but only one person can tell that: yourself. How does it feel? Not stretched too far out?

    I'd give it a check over then ride the thing. if is too big then no point upgrading. if you like, then does it all work? Upgrade parts that don't work, or replace.
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    Well ive commuted on it a couple of days doing a 14 mile round trip each day, and it doesnt seem too bad. I feel like I tire on it easy, but that could just be the fact ive not really cycled in 10 years, and the commute is only 50% road, something im also not used to. How do you mean stretched out? Leg reach is fine!

    All seems to work reasonably well, the gearing isnt perfect, but its not really been looked after and might just need stripping down, cleaning up, and setting up by some one who knows better I guess?

    Any ideas on what year it might be?
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    If it feels ok then it usually is. Of course reach increases as the frame size does - you may feel that you are reaching too far forward.

    Looks a few years old for sure, is hard to tell really.
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    It is likely to be too big if you want to do any technical off road riding when you need to move around a bit more on the bike. Looking at saddle position it is pretty low and your standover clearance will be limited (although that in itself if not that much of an issue). However at 5/8 you would generally probably be looking at a medium or even small. You would have to be remarkably proportioned for an XL to be a good fit!

    But as SS says, if it feels ok for the type of riding you are doing, then enjoy it!
  • My brother-in-law had that model before it was stolen. I think it's a 2008 or 2009 model.
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    Boogle wrote:
    How do you mean stretched out? Leg reach is fine!
    Stretched out between saddle and bars......
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