Dura Ace 7850 wheel Hub Axle unit

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My Shimano WH 7850 SL rear wheel hub was not running smoothly. I took it apart, and can see that the surface of the bearing cup on the axle is a little rough.

So I need to replace it, however I found out the part (Y3D198030) is closed by Shimano. It is number 5 part in this pdf: http://bike.shimano.com/media/techdocs/ ... 688501.pdf

Does anyone have the part for sale, or knows where to obtain it?


  • ugo.santalucia
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    Pretty sure 7850 and 7900 are the same thing...
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    Any shop with a madison account can order them. Quite expensive though.
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    @ugo.santalucia there's a difference in the axle, maybe the cup would fit but mine seems fixed to the axle.

    @thecycleclinic I checked teh Madison site, the part they have is for another 7850 wheel, the code of the part is different. The wheel I have is a 7850 SL

    thanks for the help by the way.
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    Just to help you in your search, the thing you're looking for isn't a cup but a cone, in your case it appears attached to the axle.
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    they may or may not have this in stock? or it might be for a different 7850 :(
    some of the german websites have shimano spares that Madison no longer or never have kept.
    fwiw, dependant on the wear on the rim braking surface, you might consider just cleaning up the cone with v fine wet and dry and reassemble with new grease an bearings? chances are the hub bearing cup is also worn, if the cone is on its way out.

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    No 7850 part in stock with madsion and they will never have them again. I have a wheel in the shop with a worn cone, none of the 7900 parts fit so this wheel has limited mileage left in it. such a shame so if you are reading keep these thing serviced regularly as the hubs can always be rebuilt onto custom drilled rims (carbon with alloy brake track) when the original rims wear out.
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  • Bump for an old thread. I respaced a 7850 hub to 135mm with a m770 rear axle (available at low cost at SJS), 775, 785, any 14mm Shimano axle will work just fine. Cut 5mm off and you have a 7850 axle. The drive side cone assembly is identical.

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