Diadora Vortex road shoes

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Anyone help?
Im trying to find a UK stockist of these shoes in the UK in the black and white colours in a size 46.Tweeks have them but not in required size.


  • lakesluddite
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    Can't help you with stockists Casatikid (Google?), but a word of warning. I bought the MTB version (I always use spd), and they were great at first, but since the warmer weather has prevailed, and I've been using thinner socks/fewer sock layers, they have started to dig in to my feet at the top of the tongue area. This of course is probably just down to my foot shape, but can get quite annoying, even if not THAT painful.

    As I say, it wasn't a problem when I had more cushioning from thicker and more layers of socks. Saying that, they are a nice shoe other than that, with a good amount of room at the toes for wiggle room, and the ratchet system is very good as well.