Winter wheelset - carbotech from Merlin?

dazz_ni45 Posts: 468
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Looking for a cheap but robust wheelset for my winter bike build and came across these on merlin.

Any thoughts or better options out there? I'm 85kg so need something robust. ... 61299.html


  • drummer_boy
    drummer_boy Posts: 236
    The Shimano 501s for £5 more might be a better deal.

    I was in there at the weekend, looking at the Carbotech £99 wheels, for a winter bike. After looking at them, I went for the £175 (bit of a leap) Mavic ones that come complete with tyres and tubes. The wheel element was probably about £20 more expensive, but they were worlds apart in quality terms.
  • cycleclinic
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    £99 wheels will probably not last that long well I mean the hubs if you ride in real winter filth. Cheap hubs are often poorly sealed cup and cone hubs. spend a bit more and get something that will last more time. -wheel building and other stuff.