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Roubaix replacement

thecmthecm Posts: 71
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Have a trusty 2007 Roubaix Expert for replacement, it's had new wheels and consumables and served me well. Looking for something comfortable to replace it, similar geometry, definitely and trick frame features, maybe. I have a Canyon Ultimate CF for dry fast rides. Really fancy trying the new Ultegra Di2 11 speed too.

Looking now as the 2014 bikes just begin to hit the sales. The Roubaix with Di2 has discs and is out of budget, Trek Domane 5.9 looks very good, Boardman SLS 9.4 is a good spec and a great frame but really don't like all white bikes, if it only came in red like the 9.2. Could get a great spec Ribble Gran Fondo or Dolan L'etape which is also really customisable. £3k ish to spend on 0% finance.

Any other suggestions of what to test ride?


  • Hello,

    I don't really have a suggestion sorry, but am interested as to whether there is a reason you would not consider another Roubaix?

    Cheers Graham
  • JahmooJahmoo Posts: 168
    Might want to hold out for the new Giant Defy, looks like these are being released August.

    But a good question, why not another Roubaix?
  • CalpolCalpol Posts: 1,039
    Do you need two bikes?
    Sell both and buy Bianchi Infinito CV. Should be almost do-able on that budget given some sale proceeds.
    It seems to be a brilliant "do it all" bike albeit quite pricey. Personally I can't see the point in putting £2500 owrth od kit on a Ribble frame.
  • thecmthecm Posts: 71
    Another Roubaix is an option but the only one with electronic shifting is the £4500 Expert SL4 with the Shimano hydraulic discs which is over budget at present and though I like the idea of discs these are the BR-785, the first version from Shimano and have a few teething issues.

    There will be a suitable Defy 2015, having just checked the Bike Radar news update, that might just meet budget but has the BR-785 discs again and may not come to the UK either.

    Love the look of the Bianchis would consider the Intenso and have e-mailed Epic Cycles to see if they'd do an EPS build. The Infinito would be about £4500 which seems a lot of money to tie up in the one bike, I like the option of choosing which bike to ride it helps keep up the interest. Partly agree with the statement on Ribble frames but can't help thinking there is an amount of snobbery in that, after all they're direct selling so have a commercial advantage, just like Canyon and thats a great bike.
  • thecmthecm Posts: 71
    Felt Z2 Di2 purchased from Merlin Cycles at a massive £2k off (but still not cheap). Not quite as smooth ride as the Roubaix, but that can be helped with a replacement saddle, the Prologo isn't going to match my a*se. The position is good, higher at the front and might just try a shorter stem.

    Shifting is bloody amazing with DA Di2, all that I expected it would be and more, so much easier to keep on the pedals and the momentum going.
  • northpolenorthpole Posts: 1,499
    Little bit leftfield, but if you have relatively new components incl wheels fitted to the Roubaix, how about picking up an electronic groupset if you can find a bargain and fitting it to your existing Roubaix? I have a 2006 or 2007 Roubaix Pro which I've been using for daily commuting since 2007. It's showing no signs of giving up the ghost. You could always pick up another frame at a later date if that doesn't scratch your change itch!! It would also give you a great way of reviewing for yourself all the pros and cons of mechanical v electronic groupsets on a frame you know inside out.

  • redscouseredscouse Posts: 157
    canyon endurace di2
    riding a canyon endurace
    spesh allez
  • thecmthecm Posts: 71
    Z2 purchased. So thanks for the suggestions, though I looked at the Endurace and there isn't a DI2 version on the www, but surely one to follow? I did think of adding Di2 to the current Roubaix but it doesn't have internal cabling so not sure what the electronic cables are going to look like...probably messy.
  • redscouseredscouse Posts: 157
    sorry should have checked ...endurace goes up to dura ace
    riding a canyon endurace
    spesh allez
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