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Need a little help regards new bike and insurance

The_neBThe_neB Posts: 10
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Hello again zen masters of cycling,

Unfortunately my beloved jump bike has been stolen (along with my brothers road bike, more on that in a moment)

Fortunately the thieves also took my paintball gear which means despite not getting enough from the claim to replace both bikes I will be able to afford a replacement, budget will be approx £750 needs to be good enough for Cannock chase and maybe the odd visit to wales, whilst still fun over jumps, suggestions would be welcome (I'm liking the look of the ghost range of hardtails anyone tried one out?)

Now regarding my brother's bike, it was £899 new only 9 months ago, unfortunately insurance policy has a limit of £500 per bike so both my brother and myself are looking for some bike specific insurance anyone know a good policy or equally important are there any policies we need to steer clear of?

All advice appreciated



  • Steer well clear of cycleguard they wont pay out.
    Get the bikes put on your house insurance but named specifically and you will most likley have to pay a little bit extra.
    Most importantly do all you can to make sure they are not stolen in the first place like dont keep them in garages and sheds.Good luck.
  • Myster101Myster101 Posts: 856
    Just had to change my home insurance to cover my bike (£2500 worth). Found the best company was Sheila's Wheels. Bike only has to be in a locked building (shed, garage etc) or locked in, or onto, my car and it's covered. Some companies require you to have gold standard chains, locks, ground anchors etc, which can be expensive, for you to be covered.
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  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    +another for changing (or getting bikes named on) house insurance, standalone policies are a huge rip off.
  • The_neBThe_neB Posts: 10
    Cheers guys,

    I'll have to look at changing the house insurance, was just thinking about something that covers what's actually on the bike though aftermarket parts and such aren't covered on our current policy, thought going for something cycle specific might give better cover.

    Anyone had to make a claim through the Sheila's wheels policy, wanna know how they are at paying out?

  • contentedcontented Posts: 83
    Definitely on the house policy if possible. Ask questions though, it turns out mine isn't insured if its locked in the garage, which is also locked and joined to the house in an extremely low crime area. That seems pretty low risk to me, especially given that it IS insured if I leave it unlocked and unattended anywhere outside, in any ghetto I care to visit (but not in my garden, obviously :roll: ).
    It pays out the full RRP though so if it should go missing, the extra money helps offset any upgrades I make. Again, worth asking if this is the case when you look for your policy.

    As for Ghost hardtails, I have the SE 8000 and love it. I'm a newb and don't know much, but it's had a good amount of positive comments from the veterans.
    Mine was £650 or so, as a last years model and during chain reaction cycles 10 percent off promotion, against a normal price of £1000. Good value for what I paid, there's better out there for the full retail price though. I'm not sure if this is true of the posher models.
  • t0pc4tt0pc4t Posts: 947
    Just reinsured after my new bike meant my old policy would not cover

    M&S were very good, named bikes over £1000 and bikes to be kept in a shed and chained up but no restrictions on type of chain or whether a ground anchor was required.
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