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I give up on this website

omarmomarm Posts: 73
It's just buggy
Forget using on a mobile
Using on a laptop?? You need the patient of a saint

The forum is just sooo buggy
You make a post
It disappears
I could go on and give a list of moans... but I wont waste my time

The objective seems to be to drive people to the front page of the main website
I understand that. I understand that you want to commercialise

But guess what: you're driving people away - I'm sure this isnt what you want

It's a shame. I got loads of good replies to threads that helped



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Be helpful if you listed the mobile, computer and platforms.

    I use a PC with XP, Firefox. Not a problem.

    Sony Xperia, Android, again, works fine.
  • omarmomarm Posts: 73
    @supersonic, thanks for the reply
    i dont want to give up :(
    i've mentioned the website being buggy many times
    others have always replied saying they had similar experiences

    mobile: kitkat android with latest version as the phone is a nexus 5. use with chrome browser
    the forum just loops back to the front page of the website

    laptop: i use a pc and mac. pc laptop is windows 8.1, latest updates. mac is a macbook pro. on both i use chrome browser

    i'm a web developer. i know there is bad code behind the website. it's been badly implemented. things need to be stripped out. made simpler. the magazine should be content with just having ads on the side and no intrusive overlay adverts or hijacking the screen.

    i remember a while back, the whole forum *just* dissapeared for a long time!

    honestly: it's just way too frustrating.
    i can use 1 or 2 other forums that are very busy and have lots of users with no problems
    i've gone to this effort to write - since i care and would love the forum to flourish and be helpful to others
  • beneluxbenelux Posts: 41
    i agree with Omarm, the site is utter rubbish!
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