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Bike Computer with Cadence and iPhone connection

Zap_BranniganZap_Brannigan Posts: 8
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Hi All,

As the topic says, want a bike computer and Cadence sensor that will also get picked up by my iPhone5. I use a cat eye ATM as a on handlebar computer while my iPhone runs cyclemeter/Strava in my back pocket/waterproof saddlebag. The two aren't synced at all. What I want is a new computer that will pick up cadence to a computer but also the sensor will send that info to my iPhone so I can see it on the ride and picked up in my history.
Is there anything out there that does this. Don't wanna spend fortune on a garmin device but willing to spend up to £100


  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 2,233
    Have you looked at the Topeak PanoBike Cadence and Speed Sensor?

    I'm looking for similar too and found this. No experience of it myself but interested if others have. Seems to tick a lot of boxes and you can add heart rate too.
  • Zap,

    Have been using the RFKLT+ from Wahoo Fitness for almost a year now with good results to do what you describe within your budget. You'll need a cadence and speed sensors that are ANT+ or Bluetooth; if you don't have them, you can get them from Wahoo that work with both protocols. Works with Cyclemeter, uploads to Strava and a bunch of other apps. You can read additional ANT+ or Bluetooth sensors like heart rate and power on the same screen. Wahoo working with lots of popular apps and sensors; Garmin trying to build a walled garden of same.

    Wahoo site here: ... puter.html
    Comprehensive review here: ... meter.html

  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,209
    You can pick up a used Garmin device to do exactly what you want for that money.
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  • Thanks all for replying and I think I like the Wahoo option and the new little blue sensor with the computer is a winner. Far cheaper than Garmin devices. Again thanks for the advice.
  • TerryCTRTerryCTR Posts: 143
    These two get decent reviews but on further inspection the sensor is too far away from the magnet to pick
    Up the reading in some cases and it looks like ANT+ is a must ... -computer/ ... -13-47826/
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  • TerryCTRTerryCTR Posts: 143
    After some more reading I think the wahoo+ is also for me.

    I would have went for the Garmin Edge 500 with sensors if it wasn't for the fact that the battery can't be replaced once the charge goes.
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