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Sherwood pines - But for some complete novices

homers_doublehomers_double Posts: 6,570
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I've somehow been conned into staying in a big tin box some 3 miles away from Sherwood Pines, the upside is that Saturday is dedicated to riding bikes so SP is the obvious place to go.

Realisticaly there is only me who has ever got dirty tyres so is it going to be suitable for the others?

The "others" bikes consist of my old Heckler, a few BMX's and some sub £100 MTB's. I expect they'll be fine on the green route but I assume there are some other fire road type trails around the place?
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  • KajjalKajjal Posts: 3,404
    The blue route may be OK and is currently about 8 miles long, just make sure their brakes work and they would need to be fairly fit as is quite hilly if you are not used to proper mountain biking. The red route would do some serious damage to any bike not designed for real off road mountain biking.

    Apart from that you can just try riding some of the wider main trails but be careful you don't get lost !!!! It is a good place to go with plenty of parking a Café and bike shop :)
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,533
    Fire roads a'plenty and a mini jump park thing if the BMXs are interested
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