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Bike Fit in Kent

venstervenster Posts: 356
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Has anyone had a professional fit done in Kent recently?

Anywhere you'd recommend or stay away from?

I used Downlands in Canterbury many years ago (5+) and wasn't impressed with it tbh, so unless it's changed dramatically I'd like to look elsewhere...


  • deswahriffdeswahriff Posts: 310
    ...if Tunbridge Wells is handy, I can recommend Wildside Cycles ....very thorough session with them a few years back and a follow up last year for the new bike...

    ....and a friend highly rates CycleOps in Tonbridge....
  • cswitchcswitch Posts: 261
    I recommend getting on a train and going to Cyclefit or the Bike Whisperer. Cyclefit would be my choice though.
  • furiousdfuriousd Posts: 214
    Larkfield did mine when i bought the Cervelo earlier this year.
    Ask for Tony.
  • on-yer-bikeon-yer-bike Posts: 2,974
    Gary at Wildside has had the highest training level with Specialized. £120. I havent had a fit there but I know him and he's probably good. I also had one at Downlands ages ago and wasnt impressed and he was trained by Cyclefit.
  • philclubmanphilclubman Posts: 229
    cswitch wrote:
    I recommend getting on a train and going to Cyclefit or the Bike Whisperer. Cyclefit would be my choice though.

    Apologies to jump in, but why would you recommend Cyclefit over The Bike Whisperer?

    The reason I ask is that I have a fitting with Bike Whisperer in about 9 weeks time and could get in to see Cyclefit sooner. Ta in advance.
  • Andycar82Andycar82 Posts: 129
    Activ in Folkestone fitted me, very happy with it
    Wilier GTR and Italian Tifosi Stalion
  • venstervenster Posts: 356
    Thanks for the replies, out of interest how in depth and how much was it at Activ? Always found they are quite expensive for most things. Think I might try Wildside...
  • venstervenster Posts: 356
    Thought I'd give an update.

    I went to Wildside and had a fitting by Gary. I was there about 2.5 hours and went through everything: flexibility, injury history, goals etc. We spent a lot of time getting the (new) saddle, which I knew I needed and was the root of my problems, in the correct place.

    Then looked at the drops, and they were way out and needed rotating in, then of the course the hoods needed moving which was done there and then. I also went away with instep inserts, which actually felt a bigger improvement than you would expect - no more knees knocking the top tube from now on. Everything just feels better overall.

    I would recommend Gary at Wildside with no hesitancy and even got 15% off by signing up to their newsletter and a handful of free gels to takeaway.

    I just need to find time to go out and try the set up..

    If you do think about going I'd suggest making sure you have plenty of change if you park in the shopping centre car park as it's Pay and Display, not pay on exit...
  • furiousdfuriousd Posts: 214
    Glad you got it sorted :D
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