Frameset or Complete Bike

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Hi, I took an off last week and the bikes a right off. Rear derailleur has part punched its way through the hanger so its useless. New bike needed but I am 2 minds. Given this might be the opportunity to get a 'bike for life' I am contemplating getting a really good frameset and then adding good used parts till I can replace them with better stuff through time.
I am also thinking of going Ti or Steel for its longevity as opposed to Carbon / Al.
There are some great buys out there at the moment i.e. canyon and the whole bike option is typically at lower cost but I am having trouble seeing the wood from the trees.
I don't race, would be using the new steed in the surrey hills and other similar places for long rides.
Grateful for some constructive advice. Thanks
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    Ti and Steel can both break.

    CF can be repaired ?

    Complete bike is usually the cheapest option. Upgrades often don't give you any extra benefit apart from looking cool and maybe being a few grammes lighter.