Genesis Equilibrium 00 vs Specialized Secatuer

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Been trying out bikes in recent weeks, ready for the price drops. With a couple of small kids and busy work life having more than one bike is now a no-no so I'm looking for that one jack of all trades - sporty but not all-out attack, good for moderate to longish mileage but cooler than a tourer. Looking at entry level, perhaps entry level +1.

Giant Defy I didn't much like - more a caught between two sizes (I'm 5"10' and a bit with 32 inseam so some L/56cm feel fractionally too big, bust the medium defy wasn't quite right either). The Evans Pinnacle Dolomite 4 was good in spec and it was toss a coin between M or L but didn't fall in love with it - perhaps the ride was a little too harsh. Tried a Trek and that just didn't speak to me.

After trying many of the main 'sportive' bikes on the market the two that grabbed me were the Genesis Equilibrium 00 vs Specialized Secteur for quite different reasons - the Genesis feels like my teens/early twenties when I'd really munch serious miles on a 531 steel Raleigh, while the Secteur was very refined in a high-tech kind of way with its little shock absorbers - nearly didn't bother trying a Specialized because I'd had an Allez a few years back which was just harsh and twitchy and I generally never bonded with it. Both seemed most right in the 56cm as the Genesis is not as stretched as some bikes and the Secteur has a compact frame - so neither gave a 'should I go smaller anxiety (i'm probably a 55cm)?

On a pure gut feeling I think the Specialized with its more space-age feel was 'better' but the romantic in me liked the Genesis very much - comfy, looked cool in a retro way, had more of a 'ride me' vibe.

Any owners of these like to sing their praises or not?


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    I have an Equilibrium (cherry red) handbuilt wheels, looks great in a retro sort of way. Smooth ride but a bit heavy, then again i'm not a racer so great for the sort of riding i do. Also gets (that's a nice bike) comments :D
    I imagine the Secteur is a bit lighter, maybe smoother due to the zertz inserts. Relaxed riding position and more modern looking.
    Your choice 8)
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    Yes but the Secateur is cutting edge!
  • I have a Sectuer and have loved it for four plus years - use it as my only bike for commuting (40 mile round trip in all weathers sometime with panniers and a rack) and riding for fitness/fun (100 or so miles per week). As I get fitter and lighter though I am starting to feel the flex in the frame and yearn for something stiffer! They are nice bikes though and the Spesh lifetime warranty on the frame is really really worth having and paying a bit extra for as they honour them with no hassle. I have replaced wheels, saddle, seat post and drivetrain as they have worn and had a frame replaced earlier this year for after four years I feel like I have pretty much a new bike! One limitation as an only bike is that they have no bosses for front mudguards but you can run Cruds or SKS Raceblades ok with 25 mm tyres.

    PS - If it is actually for cutting roses best to go with the Secatuers!
  • Yes but the Secateur is cutting edge!
    lol. very funny.