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I have just ordered a new front wheel,buckled my other had it straightened and 1 ride later its just as bad.
I ordered this and i'm not too sure now that it is suitable for my bike,my bike is a voodoo hoodoo
My question is will this be ok for my bike or had i better get on the phone first thing in morning,buying on a low budget BTW


  • cooldad
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    If your current wheel is QR it will fit.
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  • Thanks for the reply,yes my current wheel is QR
  • rockmonkeysc
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    If it buckled straight away then it wasn't straighted properly. The spoke tension must not have right.
    The wheel you linked to will fit.
  • When i took the wheel in he actually said it was pretty bad and he didn't think he would get it perfect,he had to leave some spokes slacker than others to get it near. The rim on the new 1 is about 4mm wider,i'm hoping its not too noticable when the tyre is on