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I'm so pee'd off with Planet X I've decided it's time to go public with their ineptitude.
So please bear with me.
I ordered an XLS Flanders via the bike to work scheme.
Paid the 12% fee when it had Been accepted and was given my delivery date. So i arranged the 1st possible day I was free to accept a delivery.
Problem 1. No courier turned up. When I phoned planet x it seems that they never input the the details correctly so the courier never got the job order. So a new date was arranged .
Problem 2. A few days later my bike turned up. Only it was the wrong frame. So phoned up and arranged a pick date.
Problem 3. The bike was picked up a few days later turned around and sent back. Except this time all they sent was a bare frame. So once again more calls and pick up arranged.
Problem 4. Frame picked up and turned round. A couple of days later my bike arrived . YAY!!!
No, not YAY! The left hand fork was all scratched and a small gouge at the bottom near the QR lever. The scratches were significant enough to catch your finger nail on and couldn't just be polished out. So more phone calls and emails with photos and a pick up date arranged. I asked for a morning one as I'm on nights and would have to stay up until pick up.
Problem 5. Courier text gave me a pick up time of between 10-11 . So I've stayed up then at 10.40 received a text saying courier unable to pick up as no one present at the home! I phoned planet x who got in touch with the courier. Somehow theythe house number was put as 37 and not 47. They now can't pick up till next week .

So up to now it's taken over a month to still not have the bike I'm paying for. I've had to waste 7 days waiting in for couriers. You can add at least another 2 to that if it gets picked up and returned correctly.
The customer service people are all very apologetic, but I'm so pee'd off its unreal. I'm getting to the point now where I'll be getting a bike I can't be arsed with.
A friend said to email Brant a few days ago as he might help, but there's been no reply from him.
Can I or should I expect to receive some form of compensation for all the wasted time etc....? My cycling buddies all seem to think I should be. I don't know, it's not something I tend to do.
What I do known is that I doubt I will ever get a bike off them again .
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  • If it was me I would expect some vouchers or credit notes as compensation for my inconvenience (depends one the value of the bike but I would expext minimum £50 in store credit) - personally though I would also be strongly tempted to cancel the sale and buy elsewhere.
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    What a shitmare. They don't deserve your money.
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    Pains me to say but cancel it and buy a Ribble instead!
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    Lots of places accept bike to work these days. I'd say cancel and go shopping. Choose yourself something awesome that you'll love. Not just a bike you used to like the idea of until planet x ruined it.

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    Heywood Lancs ? So less than an hour away from their shop ?

    Couldn't you pick the bike up direct ?

    FWIW I've had 2 PX bikes delivered with no dramas and picked up a 3rd as I had a bike fit at the same time.

    I'd pester Brant again - but probably they're all out of the office at the Tour - so i'd wait a few days. Hope it gets sorted soon.
  • No. Not in Heywood anymore. More like Wigan
    Bianchi. There are no alternatives only compromises!
    I RIDE A KONA CADABRA -would you like to come and have a play with my magic link?
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    They're not as reliable as some other online retailers these days-they still get it right most of the time but get it wrong more than they should.
    That has been my experience and the same for a number of people I have spoken to. Have stopped buying from them now.
    Also fail to understand why people keep recommending and buying their SL PRO Carbon road bike- that frame is over 5 years old now-things have moved on a lot since then.They should be giving them away for nothing by now.
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    Brant has either left or is leaving PX so that may be why he hasn't replied.

    see ... anet-x-now

    The PX Pro carbon might be an old design but it still puts a smile on my face :D
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    I fail to see why a five year old frame should be given away free!
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    I haven't had any issues with them myself, stuff I've ordered online has always turned up really quickly. But....a friend ordered a bike, waited a few weeks and the delivery date came and went. She phoned them up and they'd allocated her build to someone else, not only that but it was the last frame in that colour so she couldn't have the bike she wanted.

    Then I wanted an Ultegra cassette a few weeks ago. The website said loads in stock so I popped over after work - the guy said the only cassettes they had in the shop were the ones in the display case - they had 5 in total and not the one I wanted. 5! I went to Evans, they had hundreds in stock and price matched the cheapest online there and then.

    Unfortunately it seems PX are making too many mistakes recently and just not keeping on top of the stock properly.
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    First of all I’m a long term user and fan of Planet-X
    Received the wrong size chainset, 175mm instead of 170mm, yesterday. Called them this morning and I have to return it first for an exchange, fair enough. What if I drive up today or tomorrow and just do a straight swap ? No can do sir, you have to place an order for a new one on click and collect and that may be up to 48hrs (no Sat delivery to show room) “ I can’t make any guarantees it’ll be there today”. Surely it’s just a call to ask them to take one over to the show room ? After all I’m willing to do an 80mile round trip to sort it out you’d think they could help out a bit on their side.
    So it seems my quickest option is to order and pay for a new one and send the incorrect one back for a refund, setting my build back about a week.
    Not sure how long this warehouse move has been going on now but it seems to be the excuse for everything with them at the moment.
    Not a big issue compared to some peoples but when your trying to help them out after their error and they won’t budge on process it narks a bit.
    Not the Planet-X service I have always been used.
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    Pi55ing useless in my opinion. Ordered something in stock on Monday, immediate email saying out of stock, at least 4 emails and 24hrs later it appears to be a computer error, they'll send me a different colour for delivery Wednesday as I'm going away Friday, email at 16.40 today saying it's ready for collection by Royal Mail, so clearly no delivery before I leave tomorrow night. They can shove it up their ar5e. Useless.