TFI Fridayyyyy!

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Morning Losers!

I've had to get up half an hour earlier today, as I'm catching the train in due to the department going out for a meal then drinks this afternoon. I don't like the train anymore. There's some weird farm thing outside Huddersfield Station for the TdF, which has pigs in it. Pigs are the best creature, much better than people. They're cute and funny, and then provide bacons. Mmmm

This afternoon/evening should be messy. Bring it on 8)

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  • welshkev
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    holy mother of fucktards I'm still drunk!!!

    had a friend around last night and we cracked open the bottle of whisky that's been sat in the cupboard since Christmas.....big mistake :lol:

    I'm off to get some pig as it's fryday

  • tlw1
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    Welshkev - :)


    nice commute across town to minimise work to pub time later.

    Still happy after stopping work at 17:55 yesterday and rushing to meet the development group with the older rugrat yesterday. He managed the full 13 mile route (with a few pushes) and was happy as can be.

    Downside was I had to do a presentation for this morning on the laptop whilst in the pub - the wife hardly mentioned it :(

    right, onwards to more tea
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    Afternoon tw@s

    Good H'ing skills Kev.

    short morning in work then off till tuesday.........boom!

    Currently watching shyte on telly in anticipation of the bottom feeder getting home, then it'll be booze and bbq o clock.
    The weekend has not been sorted but monday we are going to watch the roadie bumders set off from cambridge.

    Toodle pip y'all.
    Loving life in rural SW France

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  • veronese68
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    Afternoon ditch dwellers,
    What's better than a Fryday fry up? A free Fryday fry up. :D
    Loyalty card was full so I got a free lunch. Out on the lash with an old school friend tonight that's over from the US. Probably wanted to escape their gloating for Independence Day. I may be suffering in the morning. I may be struggling with multiple target fixation whilst drinking in Covent Garden, a warm Friday evening in London. Bloody marvellous.
  • angry_bird
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    Evening bumders

    I've been mad busy recently with wedding nonsense and placement nonsense. Fortunately the wedding went well and the speech wasn't a disaster, the placement is a disaster but I've only got another week to go so I don't care.

    Happy Friday everybody!!
  • Stevo_666
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    Kev, stop doing matthew h out of a job


    Veronese, stop doing me out of a job by rubbernecking in London. I cycled quite close to you on the way home as my route takes me down past the Covent Garden Opera House.

    Was out out in Shepherds Market last night for a beer, unfortunately there were no hookers in sight. The curry we had did help propel me in this morning though. Junior is in bed, wifey is out so I'm now dossing and buying a few bike things on t'interweb till the Brazil game starts :)
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