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Brand new tyres - good idea?

mickisupmickisup Posts: 295
edited July 2014 in Amateur race
Possibly an odd question but is racing immediately on new rubber a good idea or is there some advantage of putting a few miles into the tyres first?

I know riding the boards can be hazardous on brand new tyres but are there any pros/cons on the road?



  • milesemilese Posts: 1,233
    I raced on tyres that were 10 miles old last night and they were fine.

    They might have been fine from new, but I thought it probably a good idea to ride them to work first just to try and scrub off any coating they might have had.

    A good warm up on them and you'll probably do that though.

    If its going to be wet I might be a bit more worried about it.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    New tyres will have silicone mould-release on them - zero grip if wet. A short ride or a light rub with sandpaper will remove the residue.
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  • racingcondorracingcondor Posts: 1,434
    Tyres like Michelin Pro 3 or Pro 4 always have a waxy substance on the surface (the lining on the mould as Monty says).

    I've raced tyres the day I put them on with slightly mixed results. I've been fine at outdoor crit circuits where I've ridden to the circuit but I also did it at the bike show crit with no opportunity to ride a few miles outside first (it was January and frozen solid outside). Inside the Excel on the shiny smooth concerete was not a good idea.
  • mattvmattv Posts: 992
    I've just fitted some Contis to try them out. After 200 miles they're finally not slippy! First 30 miles was lethal...
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