The Half-way Wednesday Thread...

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Morning Losers!

More Mac training for me today. Yesterday went ok, the only downside being the food that was provided. There was nothing wrong with it, just a lack of variety. Every sandwich had cheese on it. When we asked the bloke that ordered it to get stuff without cheese for the today he responded "I asked if anyone had any dietary requirements, and noone got back to me, so..." :roll: I have no dietary requirements, I just like variety!!

Anywho, that pretty much sums up today as well really.

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  • ste_t
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    Morning ladyboys,

    A nice easy day with a Food Safety audit and a full team meeting thrown in for good measure.

    I fully intend to be sat outside a pub having a pint by 4.01pm.

  • welshkev
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    morning all,

    a good ride with northern monkey last night. it was bloody boiling and the views were superb 8)

    may sneak another ride in later as the weather is supposed to be changing on the weekend...boooooo!

    today I have to supervise a cover engineer as the guy I work with is on holiday. other than that, meh.

    laters :D
  • tlw1
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    another work meh day. Hope to get away at a decent time as apparently I do need to see the kids occasionally.
  • veronese68
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    Morning all,
    A glorious day in paradise, I don't think I've ever seen so many bikes in Bushy Park.
    Anyone know why I might wasn't a pocket book cover reader? Can you judge a book by it's cover?
    Had a lovely meal with the Mrs last night, took her to Jamie's Italian. It's not proper Italian food, but it is very good. Wednesday so pub tonight, yay!
    Until then, tea.
  • arran77
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    Belting day out there today, shame I'm stuck in the office :roll:

    Might stroll down to the village in a minute to get some lunch and ogle the office crumpet 8)
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    Evening Tards,

    Warm day in London so plenty of rubbernecking to be done at lunchtime :) Done a bit more fettling of the Panzer for BPW next week and fitted the new saddle to the roadie. I feel I deserve alcohol now.
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