My 2003 Giant XTC 4

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Had this bike from new. Bought it in 2003 at a cost of £600 which was an awful lot of money for me back then. I have a newer bike but I still have a soft spot for my XTC so even though I know it's not really a sensible thing to do I'm going to buy some parts as I can afford it and get her back into some more modern kit.

So far iv stocked a set of hope m4 brakes and rotors, carbon bars, seat post, hope riser, and some other odds and sods.

Just thought I'd share a pic of her in almost original condition.


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    Any update on the bike? Would love to see it with the mods.
  • Hi mate, unfortunately iv been plagued by a rather serious medical condition which I'm now just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Iv almost everything to finish the bike, I just haven't really been well enough to sit in a cold garage and do it.

    It is however my winter project as the wife has taken pity on me and allowed me to have the use of the conservatory over winter. I will post pics as I go with it. Thank you for your interest.
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    Sorry to hear that mate, hope your better soon! And defo get some pictures up, I love threads like this.
  • I still love the bike mate, it's still very light for its age and the seat is by far the most comfortable iv owned. Iv a BMC which I just can't get along with and I honestly think with better forks and brakes I would ride far quicker on the old giant than the 2014 BMC.

    Underneath is the list of what iv got put to one side for it. All of which iv got at bargain prices from friends or ebay.

    Hope m4 brakes and rotors
    Hope stem
    Rhythm pro carbon bars
    Xlc carbon seat post
    Rockshox recon forks
    Slx rear
    Deore front
    Hope qrs and seat clamp
    Alex rims

    A few other bits n pieces and a few more to get it finished but it's a good start ;-)
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    Sounds like some good kit, this is making me want to do a build myself.