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Pannier Rack / Bag Advice

beardwithabikebeardwithabike Posts: 195
edited July 2014 in Road buying advice
Carbon bikes and racks seem to be a no no. But that seems to be because the load will be places on the frame and that's obviously bad news.

However, I have found the Blackburn EX 1 disc rack which places the load onto the QR skewer and not the frame. This seems like a pretty good solution to me (aside from the pain when I get a puncture!).

So is there something I am missing? Genuinely keen to understand if I will still be placing my frame at risk, and will not buy it if the consensus is that it's a stupid idea.

FYI Im aware that there's other solutions like seat post mounted racks, and saddle bags. But I really wanna try and get a couple of panniers really.

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